These brief instructions are provided for our Clients in this convenient form instead of having to log in through our secure portal to obtain the information.

Here, we use "" representing your domain name (URL)
We will have provided you with an account reference - we'll use "myaccount" - and you will have been given an account password. If you have mislaid either of these details, you must contact us to request this information via the envelope link at top-right of the page.


To set up and administer your mailboxes, log in to the server here with eMail reference 'postmaster@myaccount" and your account password. There is a description of the eMail administration facilities here. You can use this service to create, edit and delete mailboxes, change passwords, etc.

To receive and send eMails you need to set up connections (accounts) in your eMail App with the following settings:

Logon user name:mailbox@myaccount
password:the mailbox password
incomming mail
connection typePOP or IMAP
Port110 (pop)  143 (imap)
securityUse SSL if available
outgoing mail Note: you will have to set that your outgoing server requires authentication using the same credentials as the incomming server.
connection typeSMTP
Port25 or 2500 (sometimes, hotel WiFi blocks port 25)


To upload files to your site, your FTP settings are:
username:account reference
password:your account password

You should navigate to the working folder of your web site which is "". This is your root folder and where your 'index.html' or other start-up file, and to where the rest of your website should be copied.